Institute Profile

The company has set up two high-specification research and development centers in tianjin and changzhou, and has a team of scientists mainly in pharmaceutical, medical and food science, equipped with advanced instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometer, high-performance liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph.

Adhere to the "data as the core" product development philosophy, with genetic health, network pharmacology, component test, function evaluation method validation,

stability investigation and data, on the basis of combining genetic health detection and nutrition health intervention,

to provide customers with more competitive personalized "gene + nutrition" plant health products integrated solutions.

Scientific Research Equipments

1000m2 Research and Development Center

10 thousand-class Microbiological Detection Lab

Botanical Active Ingredient Separation and Purification Pilot Platform

GMP Standard Preparation Pilot Platform

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (1 Set)

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (5 Sets)

Gas Chromatograph (1 Set)

Scientific Research Directions

Scientific Research Team

Research Team: 20 Persons, all of whom hold a bachelor’s degree or above and more than 50% of who hold a master’s degree or above

Production Base