Post doctoral Scientific Research Center

Sub-station of Tianjin UBasio Biotechnology Group postdoctoral workstation

Approved by the office of national postdoctoral management committee and issued a document by the human resources and social security bureau of Tianjin (Tianjin human society office [2017] no. 328), the postdoctoral research station sub-station of Tianjin UBasio Biotechnology Group was formally established on December 18, 2017.

Based on the research platform of the UBasio Biotechnology innovation center of bio-plant ingredients, this station has developed a practical post-doctoral work management system, mainly engaged in the development, application and industrialization of active ingredients in natural plant. The station independently has established a 1,000-square-meter r&d center, a ten-thousand-square-meter microorganism testing platform, a GMP standard pilot test platform and a large-scale production industrialization platform of 100,000 grade and clean grade certified by SC production license, ISO9001, ISO2200 and HACCP. Atomic absorption spectrometer, high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph and other sophisticated instruments are equipped, and the total value of scientific research instruments is nearly 10 million yuan. With a scientific research team of more than 30 people, the station has established joint laboratory and scientific research cooperation with a number of well-known research institutions at home and abroad, which provides sufficient guarantee for the post-doctoral research work after entering the station.

Global recruitment of excellent doctor entry work

Recruiting object

Have obtained doctor's degree in the Key universities around the world, under 35 years old, excellent doctor can be relaxed to under 40 years old.

Major in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy, Natural Producs Chemistry and Functional Food.

Have a solid professional foundation, have published high quality articles in doctoral period.

Rigorous working style, honest and trustworthy, have a good team spirit and communication skills.

Work period: generally 2 years.

Research Directions

Herbal functional ingredient Herbal functional cosmetics

Herbal functional foodHerbal medicine


The salary of postdoctoral after enter the station is 150-300 thousand yuan, scientific research initial fund is 100-500 thousand yuan.

The following policy funding projects:

1.Special subsidy policy of Ttianjin human resources social security bureau (non-in-service) : one-time life subsidy of 50,000 yuan; After leaving the station, working in Tianjin within a year, the family allowance is 200,000 yuan.

2.Measures for promoting the construction of talent highland in Tianjin economic development zone: each person will receive 150,000 yuan of living subsidies per year, Being supported in housing, research project undertaking and paper published, etc.;Signing labor contract within 5 years after leaving the station, will be given one-time life allowance of 200 thousand yuan.

3. Optimal subsidy scheme for post-doctoral innovation project of tianjin enterprise: the scientific research fund of RMB 60,000 to RMB 100,000 if eligible.

4. International training program for excellent postdoctoral fellows: living expenses and training fees shall be no more than 100,000 yuan if qualified.

5. Other post-doctoral policies

Application way

Address: Building 6, No. 276, Huanghai Road, TEDA, TianJin,


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